College World Series Tickets: Watch out for Tigers!

It’s almost time for the College World Series and the LSU tigers are on the prowl for another shot at the NCAA Division I Baseball Championship title. With 15 appearances and 6 title wins, the LSU Tigers and their fans are familiar with the trek to Omaha. Their current record of 30-2 just proves that LSU means business this year.

LSU Tiger fans are already ordering their College World Series tickets because they know the Tigers have what it takes this year to make it to the tournament. The Tigers are definitely a college baseball team to watch so get ready for some more exciting NCAA baseball!

College World Series: Developing Future Players

NCAA Baseball fans love to watch as promising freshman players grow and develop into all-stars through their college baseball career. The only more exciting prospect is the opportunity to watch the players develop for much longer periods of time. That’s why the CWS, Inc, an Omaha-based nonprofit, has approved charitable donations of more than $80,000.00 this year. The funds are distributed to area community athletic programs designed to strengthen the character of local youth.

So far the program has been able to partner with the NCAA to donate more than $3 million dollars to athletic programs, youth leagues and high school teams to contribute to the success of these programs. The NCAA has provided an excellent partner thus far, with college baseball programs across the country contributing to the future NCAA Division I baseball teams of America. So parents of young athletes, get your College World Series tickets now. The CWS, Inc. is paving the way for your child to TD Ameritrade Park someday and you want to be there in the stands cheering them all the way!

Things we love about the College World Series Baseball

Once a year in Omaha the best teams in NCAA Baseball gather to fight for the CWS Championship title. With those teams come thousands of fans, each looking for something a little bit different at TD Ameritrade Park. Some people look for the parking lot before the game where they tailgate and play bean bags. Others are anxious to watch excellent collegiate baseball players do what they do best.  When you attend the College World Series, do you want to sit so close you can practically feel the swoosh of the bat, or do you prefer to be out in foul ball territory?

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at the College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park. There is never a more exciting time to be in Omaha.  Vendors, fans and families come from miles away to celebrate excellence in college baseball with soda or fresh-squeezed lemonade. Make sure you don’t miss out this year; there will never be another one quite like it.