College World Series Tickets: A History of the College World Series

The College World Series is an important part of history in baseball. The players in NCAA Division I baseball come together for a week of terrific athleticism.  So how did the College World Series come to be? Here is a brief history of the College World Series.

The College World Series started in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1947 where it would remain for two years. In 1949 the tournament was moved to Wichita, Kansas and was permanently moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1950. Since its move, the College World Series has seen an explosion in attendance. In 2013, an average of  24,392 visitors attended the College World Series each day! The move to TD Ameritrade Park in 2011 has given players and fans access to state-of-the-art facilities for some serious baseball fun! Be sure to get your 2014 College World Series tickets now so you can be part of the fun next year!

College World Series Tickets A Player And His Glove

Even during the off-season, an NCAA Baseball player is never far from his glove.  Most college baseball players are very particular about their gloves, having up to five that they use on a regular basis. Some are designated game gloves, some are practice gloves and some are backups in either category. With the competitive nature of the college baseball scene, players  can’t afford to lose any competitive advantage, even if it’s only a piece of equipment.  During the off-season, players stretch, condition and rotate their gloves to ensure maximum play during the season.

As the 2014 College World Series approaches, players are doubtlessly getting their gloves into perfect shape to help them get a championship title. Be sure to get your College World Series tickets now to see that preparation in action next summer!

College World Series Tickets LSU And UCLA Headed to the College World Series

The LSU Tigers and the UCLA Bruins are the fist NCAA Division I baseball teams to secure a slot in the 2013 College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park! The LSU baseball team has an impressive 15 previous visits to Omaha with 6 championship titles to boot. The UCLA Bruins baseball team has played in the CWS 4 times but has yet to come out with a championship. Will this be their year? Will the Tigers make the 2013 College World Series lucky number 7? Be sure to get your College World Series Tickets early to find out!

College World Series Tickets: What is the Most Important Position in Baseball?

NCAA Baseball fans have been debating this topic for decades– which position is absolutely crucial to baseball? We know that every college baseball player is important and teams won’t win championships with one good player but as we get closer to the 2013 College World Series, tickets start flying off the shelf and fans get revved up, let’s look at that question. The three answers that are the most common are: the pitcher, the catcher and the first baseman. Why?

The Pitcher The Pitcher starts every defensive play in baseball. With a good pitcher who can remain calm during the game, a team is much more likely to win. This is arguably integral to every NCAA Championship title.

The Catcher The Catcher is another important position to any baseball team. With a full view of the field and the power to call the pitches, the catcher is truly an integral part of any baseball team hoping for a championship title.

First Baseman Often the thankless hero, the first baseman is the first line of defense against scoring. Between stopping base hits, covering a lot of ground in the infield and adjusting for imperfect throws, without a first baseman who is top notch, you can kiss that championship ring goodbye.

While there is much debate regarding the importance of these positions, college baseball fans can agree that it takes the whole team to win a title. The 2013 College World Series promises to be another exciting example of that and NCAA Baseball fans are chomping at the bit to hear “Play Ball”!

College World Series: Developing Future Players

NCAA Baseball fans love to watch as promising freshman players grow and develop into all-stars through their college baseball career. The only more exciting prospect is the opportunity to watch the players develop for much longer periods of time. That’s why the CWS, Inc, an Omaha-based nonprofit, has approved charitable donations of more than $80,000.00 this year. The funds are distributed to area community athletic programs designed to strengthen the character of local youth.

So far the program has been able to partner with the NCAA to donate more than $3 million dollars to athletic programs, youth leagues and high school teams to contribute to the success of these programs. The NCAA has provided an excellent partner thus far, with college baseball programs across the country contributing to the future NCAA Division I baseball teams of America. So parents of young athletes, get your College World Series tickets now. The CWS, Inc. is paving the way for your child to TD Ameritrade Park someday and you want to be there in the stands cheering them all the way!