College World Series Tickets: Off Season Exercise for College Baseball Players

The 2013 College World Series is over and the 2014 College World Series is a few months away so NCAA Division I Baseball players have time to work on their skills during the off season. Players need to use the off-season to develop key skills and maintain strength for a shot at the College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park. Since the CWS is the ultimate goal of every player, it’s important to take every single opportunity to improve before the 2014 College World Series in Omaha.

College baseball players have plenty of strategies to improve during the off-season. Basic activities such as weightlifting will help keep muscles at their peak even during the winter. Metabolic conditioning like running helps players maintain speed and agility necessary for stellar baseball. Finally it’s important for players to use drills of throwing, catching and fielding to stay in top form so they are ready for a championship season come spring. Be sure to get your 2014 College World Series tickets now to see that championship season in action!

College World Series Tickets: A History of the College World Series

The College World Series is an important part of history in baseball. The players in NCAA Division I baseball come together for a week of terrific athleticism.  So how did the College World Series come to be? Here is a brief history of the College World Series.

The College World Series started in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1947 where it would remain for two years. In 1949 the tournament was moved to Wichita, Kansas and was permanently moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1950. Since its move, the College World Series has seen an explosion in attendance. In 2013, an average of  24,392 visitors attended the College World Series each day! The move to TD Ameritrade Park in 2011 has given players and fans access to state-of-the-art facilities for some serious baseball fun! Be sure to get your 2014 College World Series tickets now so you can be part of the fun next year!

College World Series Tickets: Get Ready for Another Exciting Year

The 2014 College World Series is right around the corner…almost. College Baseball fans around the country are yearning for fall, winter and spring to fly by so we will be back in baseball season. With summer comes the College World Series where NCAA Baseball players attempt to reach the ultimate honor in NCAA Sports and fans are there to encourage their team to victory. Players are likely resting now to be sure they will be in top performance shape by the time the CWS rolls around again. Make sure you get your College World Series tickets now so you can enjoy the year knowing you’ll be in the stands with the best of them!

College World Series Tickets A Player And His Glove

Even during the off-season, an NCAA Baseball player is never far from his glove.  Most college baseball players are very particular about their gloves, having up to five that they use on a regular basis. Some are designated game gloves, some are practice gloves and some are backups in either category. With the competitive nature of the college baseball scene, players  can’t afford to lose any competitive advantage, even if it’s only a piece of equipment.  During the off-season, players stretch, condition and rotate their gloves to ensure maximum play during the season.

As the 2014 College World Series approaches, players are doubtlessly getting their gloves into perfect shape to help them get a championship title. Be sure to get your College World Series tickets now to see that preparation in action next summer!

CWS Tickets: College Baseball Off-Season Training

With the 2013 College World Series on the books, serious NCAA Division I Baseball teams are likely already beginning training for the 2014 College World Series! While it is arguable that these young men have worked incredibly hard and deserve a break, it is also true that the best teams and coaches know that the offseason is invaluable to creating a great team. So how do collegiate baseball players prepare for the next year during the off season?

The first item on any athlete’s to-do list during off-season is to maintain good eating habits. Food is the building block for health and strength so players ensure they have the correct foundation on which they build skill. Next college baseball players need to carve out time each day for road work. Since speed is crucial in baseball, running daily for speed is a must during the off-season. Strength conditioning is also a must. Bigger muscles throw harder, catch better and run faster. Finally, players should practice core skills such as throwing, catching and hitting on a regular basis to keep that muscle memory in check during the off season. Be sure to grab your CWS tickets to see all of this hard work during the off season pay off during the 2014 College World Series.

College World Series Tickets: How do YOU Beat the Post College World Series Blues?

The 2013 College World Series was an exciting time for NCAA Division I Baseball fans across the country. The UCLA Bruins walked away with the championship title and the fans were left with great memories at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha. College World Series ticket holders were treated to some terrific baseball this year to carry them through to the 2014 College World Series.

How do YOU handle your Post CWS blues? Do you print of tons of pictures to help you remember the good times? Do you scrapbook your ticket stubs or travel info? Maybe you throw a College World Series party to celebrate the fun with your friends? Don’t worry too much- the 2014 College World Series will be here before you know it and college baseball fans will be back where they belong!

College World Series Tickets: The 2013 College World Series Wrap-Up

NCAA Division I Baseball fans across the country were wrapped up for the last few weeks in the excitement, anxiety and elation that is the College World Series! Hearts were broken, dreams came true and there was a ton of exciting baseball thrown in the mix. Here are some of the 2013 CWS highlights.

UCLA took the Championship with an unbelievable display of pitching perfection. They swept the CWS, not losing a single game during the course of the series. Mississippi State had a terrific year as well, managing to win every single game until the Championship Series and boasting a loyal legion of fans.
Indiana made their first-ever appearance in the CWS, while both  Louisville and North Carolina State each made the trip down the road to Omaha for the second time in program history.

LSU packed a swarm of Southern fans ready for fun and North Carolina brought some terrific fans as well. Overall it was an exciting year for each and every team involved and college baseball fans are already clamoring for tickets to the 2014 College World Series!

College World Series Tickets LSU And UCLA Headed to the College World Series

The LSU Tigers and the UCLA Bruins are the fist NCAA Division I baseball teams to secure a slot in the 2013 College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park! The LSU baseball team has an impressive 15 previous visits to Omaha with 6 championship titles to boot. The UCLA Bruins baseball team has played in the CWS 4 times but has yet to come out with a championship. Will this be their year? Will the Tigers make the 2013 College World Series lucky number 7? Be sure to get your College World Series Tickets early to find out!

College World Series Tickets: Super Regionals Are Closing In

The 2013 College World Series is right around the corner and teams are slowly making their way to the field in TD Ameritrade Park, one win at a time. So far, 12 of the 16 schools who will be competing in the Super Regionals next weekend have been decided. Fan favorites like LSU, North Carolina and Virginia are one step closer to the 2013 CWS.

Be sure to get your College World  Series tickets today to be sure you’re ready when your favorite NCAA Baseball team takes the field at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha.

College World Series Tickets: NCAA Baseball Regionals Are Under Way!

The 2013 College World Series is just a few weeks away and NCAA Division I Baseball is heating up as teams compete for a coveted spot! The NCAA Regional tournaments are in full swing. College baseball teams to watch for as the final regional games take place to determine the teams that will head to the Super Regionals next weekend.

The LSU Tigers are on the prowl and have taken every team they’ve come up against so far. The Vanderbilt Commodores are also looking to take no prisoners as they head toward the road to Omaha. The final team to keep an eye on is the North Carolina Tar Heels. These teams have been trading top spots all year so it’s no surprise that these are the teams to beat as we move into post-season play. No matter which team you root for be sure to get your College World Series tickets now before they’re going…going…gone!